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Sunday, November 7, 2010


So last week I called Izzy's pizza parlour for an order to go and here's what happened:

them: Izzy's can I help you
me: Hi , I would like to call in an order
them: you'll have to speak up we are very busy
me : can I call in an order please
them: I'm sorry, we are a few people short and we are busy I cannot hear you
me: I want to place an order
them: OK , what would you like
me: I would like a 2 piece chicken and mojos , a small order of mojos and a small cheese pizza
them: what kind of pizza
me: cheese
them: what
me : cheese
them : I cant hear you , what kind of pizza
them : I am going into the office where I can hear you
me: OK
them: OK now what kinda of pizza    
me: cheese please
them: what was that 
them: well I am sorry  we are busy
me: oh you heard that but you can't hear cheese
me: cheese plain cheese    C  H  E  E  S  E 
them: pepperoni
me: no---- cheese
them :I am going to give you to some one else
me : great, 
them: what would  you like
me: 2 pc chicken & mojos extra mojo, small cheese pizza
them: got it , give us 20 minutes

OK, so I go to pick it up and I get 2pc chicken (no mojos) small order of mojos and a pepperoni pizza
I tell the guy (very elderly guy) who came to the drive up window :
me: my order is not right
them: are you sure you called here.
me: Yes I am sure
them: Give me your food back

He takes my food fills the box with what he said was all of the chicken, adds mojos and brings it back.
them: have you paid yet
me: no but here's my card
them: keep it , take it, my name is Larry and I am the night shift superviser, you may here something about this and I DON"T CARE, now,what about the pizza,
me: don't want it , we wont eat it
them : then have a good night

All we wanted was a small cheese pizza, I think Larry may need a break.