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Thursday, September 13, 2012


SO , Tuesday Night At 2:00 am  Willis was in the back yard and barked a couple times. I dutifully escorted him back to the bedroom where Ben was sound asleep. No sooner had Willis layed back down and I was snuggleing deep into my bed when both dogs jumped up and charged for the dining room where their doggy door is located. I hopped up and followed them to see what was going on. We recently had a pesky racoon and I was thinking it might have returned. I was only seconds behind the two of them and quickly threw open the sliding door just as Willis came barreling back thru it. He was going stark raveing crazy. Wiggleing all over the place shaking his head, batting at his nose, It took me about  half a second to know what was wrong. SKUNK. My eyes were watering and it was really hard to breathe.  Willis , still dancing around was wiping his face on everything, I mean everything. The carpet, the walls , the furniture, cabinets, my bed, he just could'nt stop. I began calling and calling to Ben, who ,when I looked out appeared to be in a small fog cloud. Finally he came in , and let me tell you thats when the fun began. I grabbed Willis , who was still wiping and wiping and wiping his face, He gladdly hopped in the tub as I threw off his doggy collar. He got a quick very soapy bath and believe me when I tell you he LOVED the water on his face. His poor little eyes were so red . Next ,Ben got his turn at getting all bubbled up. After that I shamppoed every carpet in the house. The air was so thick and smelly I could barely catch my breath. I washed every throw rug, 4 washers loads, wiped down every wall that Willis had so rapidly slid across and cleaned the windows, cabinets, doors and furniture that he had used as a towel. Next I had three bottles of frebreeze, one I poored into the carpet shampooer and the other two I used to spray everything I own. Guess What? None of it worked .I have two fans, three ceiling fans and two exhaust fans , all going on high. Still nothing. Somewhere around 4:30am I took a shower and kept cleaning. At some point I realized that the bathroom seemed a little stronger smelling than most places. At a closer look I remembered their doggy collars. Totally threw them away. P.U...However, Ben and Willis both only smelled like shampoo. My house on the other hand is ruined for life. I went to work that morning and was shunned by every one. Not really , everyone offered me tons of remedies and I gladly tried them all.  None worked. So , day two coming to an end and with the help of all my Fans, I can almost breathe with out gagging. Poor Willis, He hopefully learned a valueable lesson here. Always Always let big brother Ben go first.!!!