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Sunday, February 20, 2011


My Dear Friend Rachel,
I want you to know that I made it to my new Home just fine. We stopped at a McDogles ( one of Bens favorites) and got some water and took a little break . When we got to my new house all I did was walk around and around checking eveything out. There was alot of rooms to see, and then I went to the yard and played with Ben some more. We ran so much. Then we had Dinner, Ben doesn't mind sharing anything with me, so I just took what ever I wanted. So far. Then it was time to sleep. I was a little lonely and missed my own bed but Kim and Debbie gave me a soft fuzzy bed to lay on and put it right beside their bed. I was pretty happy with that and quickly fell asleep. I did wake up a lot though. but Kim patted me on the head and soon I was sleeping some more. When it got light outside we all went out to the deck where there is this HUGE bathtub (Debbie said it is a hot tub???) but you know how I feel about baths so hot tub or not I was not going to get to close to that monster. But turns out no one wanted me to get in. So Happy Happy Happy.
How can I ever Thank You for giving me such a good start to my Happy Life. We shared some really wonderful times together and I will not forget them. I can tell that I will be OK here. I get lots of attention and hugs and I got brushed already and Ben is , well Ben ,is my Big Bro and he is so patient with me. I heard him ,he heards me , sometimes we get stuck in place until one of us gives up. LOL, Rachel you are my girl , you are such a great person for seeing what a pup like me really needs. Debbie and Kim said you can see me any time ,ever. So, Rachel, Until then, I will think of you often as I know you will think of me,


This is Willis. He is our new Dog. Willis is the Black Collie and Ben is the Sable Collie.He Is Ben's baby Bro. He was born 4/27/2009. That makes him 9 months younger than Ben.He is 1 year and 10 months old.  Willis and Ben have the same Mom (Bella) and Dad (Cowboy). Willis was in need of a new home and Kathe ( the breeder of both litters) thought of us. We are so glad that she did. Willis has only spent one night with us and he is such an angel. I know this is spoken prematurely, but he is so sweet, Rachel his former owner has given him so much love and taught him to be very respectful. I LOVE this dog. Looking forward to much laughter and love with him and Ben.