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Thursday, May 5, 2011


Today I left for work 10 minutes late. That's usual. It doesn't matter that I get up nearly 30 minutes earlier than I need too,  I will find something to use up every drop of every minute so that I am rushing out the door , always late. My two gorgeous dogs will take up way more than their share of my time. There's brushing, feeding, playing fetch, and plain old petting that absolutely needs to be done every single morning.
   So, with that said , this Morning I am about half way to work( about 10 miles total to get there), and I decide I  need some chap stick. I reach for my purse , only to realize my purse isn't with me. Great, so all I have is my cell phone , a coke, and car keys. Can I survive with so little supplies for eight hours. Well , I am guessing so.
  Now ,I go to lunch. No purse, only a cell phone and coke, which I am about to get out of the refrigerator in our employee lounge, when I get called away. I return and I am enjoying my coke and remember there is something I wanted to look up on my cell phone. Where in the world is my cell phone. Not in my purse , obviously. 
GREAT, I have now lost my cell phone. So I start back tracking. One of my fellow associates joins me in the lounge where I am searching and asks if I want her to call my phone in hopes that we can hear it ring. Good Idea. I am putting my coke back in the frig so I can walk around trying to find it , when low and behold there is my cell phone sitting on a shelf in the frig.  Smooth move.
  Here's to another one of those moments !!!