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Monday, August 31, 2009


Today is my 52nd Birthday. WOW. I am soooo old. I really do not feel any different than I did Yesterday or actually last year.
We celebrated this weekend by going to the State Fair. It was fun. We ate a lot of food that was bad for us and walked hundreds of miles. We have been to this fair so many times, like many Oregonians, we know exactly where every single attraction is and where all our favorite food booths are. And, we hit them all. The weather was perfect and being that it was only the second day of the fair, it was'nt to crowded.

Today when I got home from work, Me and Ben watered the yard, or should I say, I held the hose while Ben ran thru it and bit the water. We were both drenced by the time I shut the water off. Then we made chicken fajitas and ate ice cream. YUM! I watched two recoreded episodes of Big Brother and did a little work on the computer.

That was how I spent the first day of my 52nd year. I am hoping for more days and hope they too include water works with Ben, chicken fajitas and ice cream. And of course long lazy days with Kim at the fair or any place we can be together.

Looking back, I know I have been lucky and blessed.
I love my little world. My Husband, Family and Friends. And My Pets. Even my Jobs are good.
Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy and I love them all.

Gotta go work on the rest of my 52nd year. Need to make plans to have this be the best one yet.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Paper or Plastic? :)


Would you like paper or Plastic today?:)


What would you like today, Paper or Plastic?:)

you decide

Which one you going choose today, Paper or Plastic?:)

I'm bag sexual(heeheehee):(

Oh good, you have your own bag !!

Plastic or Paper , Paper or Plastic . Plastic Plastic Plastic, Paper Paper Paper,

Yikes, I am going mad. I have to ask that question a hundred plus times a day when I work as a cashier at RAY'S. And you get all kinds of answers. Some people get mad if you don't' ask, some get mad if you do. One lady called headquarters on me because I did not give her credit for using her own bag. That's a whole nickle, you know. Whoops, my bad.

Most people who bring their own bags buy organic stuff. I am not kidding. They are very concerned about their environment and do not want to use paper or plastic. But they do put most of their organic produce in PLASTIC bags. And almost everything else they buy comes in cardboard boxes or paper bags of some type.. Eggs, milk, butter, cereal, candy bars, chips , detergent, dog food, well, you get the picture.

SO, America, Take a chill pill would you. We all care about our earth. Use your own bag when you remember it and for Heavens sake PLEASE wash it once in a while, would ya. Nothing like having to bag your groceries in a smelly, greasy, dog haired, bag.

Come on, that should be a violation of environmental proportions. Recycle, Reuse, Refuse to use paper or plastic, but please stop being so snooty about it. Thank you and have a nice day!! Now go out their and hug a tree or a dog or something :)