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Thursday, September 18, 2008

"You're not the boss of me"

That's my Ben. Already he Rules!! He can change my mind in a heartbeat. He has been so much fun. We are still working on potty training, but he's getting pretty good. He has escaped from pretty much everywhere I have put him. First, from the kitchen the first day I had to leave him alone,I put up baby gates too!. Then he got out of the garage, Twice, which is where I wanted him to stay until I made it home for lunch at 8:00 AM.

Then the BIG ONE. I leave for work at 3:30 AM and come back home at 8:00 AM for a quick visit. Every things Great. Then I rush home at 12:30 to take Ben to a Vet appointment. NO BEN!!!. He is no where to be found. YIKES. I notice there is a message on my phone so I listen and apparently someone has Ben. It happens to be my neighbor across the street. I go and collect Ben, Who seemed extremely happy to see me, (however not even close to how Happy I am to see him.)It is not very obvious how he escaped but I do a thorough search of our backyard and find two little tiny gaps in the fence(I can barely get my arm thru)where he may have gotten out. I board them up and have long talk with Ben. He is such a little Squirt.

He is going to eat a lot so he can no longer fit thru Little gaps. He is starting to really show some attitude with his personality. He will definetly be "The Boss" in this House. We think he is awesome already. Hopefully he won't have more adventures like the one he had this week. We still need to pick a name to register him with. Since he is biting everything within his reach and he loves to escape, the name "Benson Pirana Houdini" comes to mind!! LOL. And He can run really Fast and Furious so maybe "Ben Diesel".


Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

does uncle Kim know if Ben goes potty in the house. Bear not go potty in the house.