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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This is a picture of Ben after our very long walk today. He is warming up by the fire. It's one of his favorite places to lay around.

In this picture I was talking to Ben about dinner. I think he likes the idea a lot.

This is a photo after Ben ate his dinner. May be time for a nap!!

I just woke him up. I think he will probably go right back to sleep. Also one of his favorite things to do.

Talk about a Lion.............

We woke up Sunday Morning to HUGE snowflakes. Then it hailed. Then we got a little sunshine. Weird stuff. It snowed again Monday morning and then turned out to be a very pretty day. Today Ben and I went on a long walk and it Hailed on us for most of our walk. We usually walk around our own neighbor hood , which is actually quite large and growing.

Today I let Ben decide where we went. Every time we came to a corner I would stop and let him choose which way to go. We only went around one block twice. The rest of the time we were going to new places. We were a long ways from home when it started hailing though and it was kinda cold. But we Had a good time. Got to see a dog that was having some training issues. ( sometimes that can be Ben) but he was good today.

I am still waiting to here from Rays for a second job. I went in on Friday for an interview and he was suppose to call me yesterday but I haven't heard from him yet. My fingers are crossed in hopes that he will call me soon. He seems like a good manager. Pretty young though, I think.

I tried getting some snow pictures Sunday but by the time I got my camera out and ready it had stopped. So no pics this time. I am posting some updated pictures of Ben. He seems to be really wiggly most of time so I am having quite the time getting good ones. Anyway hope everyone is enjoying daylight savings time.

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Karen said...

I was surprised to check your blog and see not one, but two new posts. Wow!
Ben is so big now. And so beautiful. What a great dog.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed too for you to get that job at Rays, but I still wish you didn't have to work two jobs.
As for daylight savings time, I hate it. We don't change our clocks here so now you guys are 3 hours ahead of us instead of 2.