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Monday, April 20, 2009


I like to visit Face book and My Space. They both have different attitudes than each other. Heres what I mean.

I feel like I am in a Big City. A Big Loud Noisy Nervous City. Excitement is everywhere and people are racing around from one place to another. Horns are honking, cars are zooming past you, Kids are laughing and yelling and playing, Dogs are barking and running. There is confusion everywhere and yet I am having fun. I look left, right, up , down, under, over, every where there is something new and different to try out. Fast, Fun and Silly. Snow balls are flying , listing five favorite anythings, comparing my self to everything, You can learn a lot about yourself . That's What I feel when I visit Face book.

My Space:
Night Club arama. Party Animals are everywhere. I have never had so many drinks, tattoos, music, and invitations in my LIFE. WOW, Crazy stuff. It is also a very fun place to visit and interact with friends and family. A little scary though for someone with not much experience.

My Blog:
Home Sweet Home. I feel relaxed, peaceful, safe, and quiet here. I come here when I just want to tell a story or share something that has happened. I love reading about my friends and families daily events. Blogging is comfortable for me and I love it. Hope to see you all soon in our crazy world of communication. Does anyone Twitter?

It's time to break out the squirt guns on Facebook , so look out , here I come.


Karen said...

LOL. I agree. Each one has such a different feeling. Maybe that's why I like facebook so much. We have no big city here. No city life, no noise, just a few stores and a very laid back environment. Facebook give me the frenzy and noise I crave. I hate it when I get on facebook and not too much activity has gone on since my last visit.
Anyway, great post. I guess I'll have to think of something new to post since you like blogspot the best.
Hope all is well with you.
Love ya,

Marilyn and Robert said...

hey Deb facebook kinda scares me I don't really understand it very well like you said its so fast paced I love my space you can make it soo personal and I like keepin track of all my family and where else can you get drunk and not actually drink anything lol. If you look on my blog Bobby's name is there click on it read his blogs and it explains his diet. 4lbs in 4 days haven't weighed yet so don't know if I lost anymore or not. We found out Roberts dad probably only has 2 months left but lookin at him I don't know I feel so sorry for Robert he is takin this so hard. Not sure what to do.Any way I miss you very much and I don't know both our phones must not be workin cause we never talk ya

Randy said...

Hey deb. I agree and I do twitter but it's pretty boring but place to get info fast.