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Sunday, August 16, 2009


Paper or Plastic? :)


Would you like paper or Plastic today?:)


What would you like today, Paper or Plastic?:)

you decide

Which one you going choose today, Paper or Plastic?:)

I'm bag sexual(heeheehee):(

Oh good, you have your own bag !!

Plastic or Paper , Paper or Plastic . Plastic Plastic Plastic, Paper Paper Paper,

Yikes, I am going mad. I have to ask that question a hundred plus times a day when I work as a cashier at RAY'S. And you get all kinds of answers. Some people get mad if you don't' ask, some get mad if you do. One lady called headquarters on me because I did not give her credit for using her own bag. That's a whole nickle, you know. Whoops, my bad.

Most people who bring their own bags buy organic stuff. I am not kidding. They are very concerned about their environment and do not want to use paper or plastic. But they do put most of their organic produce in PLASTIC bags. And almost everything else they buy comes in cardboard boxes or paper bags of some type.. Eggs, milk, butter, cereal, candy bars, chips , detergent, dog food, well, you get the picture.

SO, America, Take a chill pill would you. We all care about our earth. Use your own bag when you remember it and for Heavens sake PLEASE wash it once in a while, would ya. Nothing like having to bag your groceries in a smelly, greasy, dog haired, bag.

Come on, that should be a violation of environmental proportions. Recycle, Reuse, Refuse to use paper or plastic, but please stop being so snooty about it. Thank you and have a nice day!! Now go out their and hug a tree or a dog or something :)


Randy said...

Hey Deb,
Sorry to hear about your foot. Yeah, I'm way behind on reading peoples blogs. I don't even have time to read my own. I don't have a clue what I've been writing about. Anyhow, hope your foot is mended.

They are trying to ban plastic bags here. I think they already did on Maui. So if you ever get tired of asking just move here and you won' have to ask again...

Thanks for all the comments on my blog, too. I really appreciate them. The newspaper is going to start publishing my blog (or a portion of it) in the weeks leading up to Ironman. We haven't worked out the details yet.

take care, love randy
Oh, and I'll take paper, I mean plastic. I mean I brought my own.

Marilyn and Robert said...

go green lol..... thats funny but people bring their own bags to my work too some people are just so weird.

Marilyn and Robert said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEB!!!!!!! I will call you when I get home from work since 3am is too early for you. Have a good day wish I was there to help you celebrate. Love you and miss you very much. Mar.

Karen said...

This is a funny post. And yes, I agree about bringing clean bags. I've seen some pretty gross ones. Ones that I don't want to touch, let alone put food in. Oh well, some people have nothing better to do than whine about anything and everything.

Snaily.. said...

We've been charging 25c (I think) for a plastic bag here in Ireland.

There are three options for people now.
1. Carry your groceries. And seeing as most people drive to the shop, this is one of the most common means of transporting goods. Well, it's in a trolly for most of the trip.
2. Bring your own bags. But, we always forget.
3. Buy a plastic bag. I'd say about 1% of the population do this. Seriously. And I think that 1% is my dad.