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Saturday, December 12, 2009


This week has been very cold. We have had temps as low as 7 degrees. While the cold is bad enough, Yesterday we had freezing rain. It started around 2:00pm and covered my world with ice. Living in Oregon you get used to the rain and cold and a little snow from time to time, but what are you supposed to do with ice!. This Morning everything is frozen. I have been battling frozen pipes all week. Each day I have come home to a frozen washer, faucet, and sink that is in the garage. I thaw them by using a hair dryer and try keeping them thawed with lots of cover.

We are getting warmer temps by this afternoon and lots of Rain. Boy do I love Rain. Well, not so much , but given the chose between rain and teeny weeny temperatures, I will take the Rain. I work from 2:30-11:30pm today and I am a little nervous about driving. I hope the weather man is right about it being warmer this afternoon. Our driveway and road are a solid sheet of ice right now so I am glad I don't work early. I wish me and Ben could ice skate. We would be out there for sure.

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