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Monday, May 17, 2010


My dryer quit working. So This weekend we spent all Saturday looking for a new dryer. We went to alot of stores, two of them four times each. You have to compare quality, brands. features,and of course price. The last time we had to buy a washer and dryer it was easier. Now you nearly have to get a loan to pay for a set. Most are ranging in price from 1200.00 to 4000.00. You have to choose front load verses top load and do you want pedestals or would you rather squat. Some washers and dryers also have steam! Steam. My clothes have really been mistreated. They may go into shock. Dryers shut them selves off when clothes are dry, that's pretty smart. They each have at least 50 different settings ( I will probably use two of them, once I figure out where the start button is)Wow. It is so over whelming. So by the end of Saturday we were pretty sure we had made a chose. But then ,we get up Sunday Morning and confusion of which set we would get started all over again. So we went back to three of the stores we started with and tried again to pick a set. We were armed this time with information from consumer reports and instead of making it simpler, It felt like it was harder. But finally, we did choose,we are getting an LG set, front load, with only a few features that seemed reasonable that we would ever use. COLORS, did I mention colors. You can get a rainbow of colors. So we did the only thing we could, we chose a beautiful white. No pedestal. We are going to make a platform to stand them on.Oh yeah, You also have to be sure to use a special HE detergent in these computerized clothes cleaning gadgets. Welcome to 2010. I am excited to get these but a little nervous I may not be able to operate them. : !

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