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Friday, June 4, 2010


 I was taking a few photos of Spring things in the backyard when I noticed Ben taking the time to enjoy some flowers. Actually there was a little bumble bee buzzing around and I think he may have been spying on it.

Ben is so funny about thingz. He will  N O T  let you hold his toys when you are playing fetch with him. He has to chase them , bring them to you , chew on them , tug with you while placing them in your lap. He wont let go . You have to wrestle them from him in order to continue playing fetch.

When You finally get it away from him and toss it ,it starts all over again. Or it may not. You may throw it and this time YOU have to go get it.  This is Fun. This is the best ever. Life should be so simple. Get a toy, chase a toy, bite a toy, tug a toy. I really need to take the time to try this.


The Words Crafter said...

My brother and sister in law have mini pins, and your Ben sounds just like their Molly...he sounds like great fun!

joven said...

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