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Friday, July 16, 2010


Today Ben is a BIG boy. He turns 2 years old. He would like to send out Birthday wishes to his 3 brothers and 2 sisters.

Hi family,
I am hoping that this birthday wish finds each of you to be happy and loved, I have heard from Debbie and Kim( they are my peeps) that you all have changed your names too. Remember, I used to be called Phillipe, and I knew you all as , BJ, Gaston, Chip, Babette, and Fifi, so since I am not sure what your new names are I will use the ones that I knew you by. OK. 
So you remember how much fun we used to have crawling around in that huge 'O pool when we were just puppies, Well guess what, I have another one, It is not as big but it always has water in it and I really really REALLY love to play in the water. Sometimes Kim will let me just play and play when he is using the water hose in the yard. It is so funny because when he is all done doing what he was trying to do ,he is so wet, I am too  and I had so much fun spraying him and shaking water on him. 
Hey Chip, remember when you always picked on me when we were like, two or three weeks old. Fun times Huh. Gaston,do you still like to be held ALL the time?
I was looking at some puppy pics today and you know what, I think that me and BJ looked so much alike and I bet we still do. Fifi and Babette are you two still real pretty. I bet you look like Mom. I saw some pictures of a whole new family that Mom had and her puppies were so cute. Debbie says that I look just like Mom. I love you Mom, I know you will be thinking about all of us today and please know that I have a very happy and healthy life. So, I  will be going , I bet I will get something really great for my 2nd Birthday. Hope you all do too.
Happy Birthday Family. Miss you all


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