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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

TWAS THE NITE BEFORE CHRISTMAS...........................

Twas the nite before Christmas
  when I decided to look
To see who was writing
  on my FaceBook
The games were all buzzin'
  and stories were told
What everyones doing
  and "My, was it Cold"
Stay warm and real Cozy
  and Kids don't be Nozy
Santa is coming and soon
  you'll be dozing
Christmas is near,  thanks to
   eight famous Rein Deer
I turn to leave and
  hear so much chatter
I look at my computer to
  see whats the matter
It's Cathy & Wendy & Amy &  Bandie
   Theres Anny & Alice &  Forrest & Randy
Marilyn & Karen & Rebecca &  Chelsea
  Andrew & Stacey & Rachel & Maddie
I hear Theresa & Greg & Niesee & Danny
  Then Faith & Liz & Olimpia & Candy.
 All my friends and Family are here
  It can only mean its been a good year.
With everyone here, Now I will write
Merry Christmas to All and to All
Happy Holidays from Debbie , Kim, And Ben (the DOG)


denise said...

hay that was great you are so good.i love you very much neicy and drew

Randy said...

Hey Deb, I meant to comment on your poem way back at Christmas but never got to it. You should be a poet. You have a great talent for it. Hope all is well and thanks for always commenting on my blog.