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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


     Today is my 2nd Birthday. It began with breakfast in bed for two. Ben and Willis.

   Next up,  a luxurious spa treatment that included a bubble bath and a neck, back and leg massage. AAAHHHHH!!!

    A long walk to the park seems perfect. It's a little rainy, a little sunny, so this should be a lot of fun. Then settling down to be brushed by Debbie will be sooooo good, laying by the fire and chewing on one of my birthday treats will be next.
    Ben was telling me how much I would like birthdays around here and he is right. Royal treatment all around. Naps, did I mention Napping, cause there is going to be alot of that and pretty darn soon too.
     Happy Birthday to our other Brother , Emmett and everyone else from Litter #2. Hope you all enjoy this special day like me and our older brother Ben will.

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