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Monday, January 19, 2009


On Sunday We went to the Beach. It was the very first time Ben has been there. We had so much fun. The weather was super Beautiful. It was really warm, no wind , and lots of sunshine. There were Dogs, Kids and People everywhere. Ben had a blast. He was jumpy at the waves at first, but then when he got used to them he just played in the water. He ran and ran and ran. He got to meet a few dogs, one mean one that growled and bit at him, And he got a ton of pets.

While we were there we ate at Mcdogalls(Mcdonalds). Ben had a hamburger and chicken strips, frys and some ice cream. What a Day!! Happy Happy Happy.!!!!!
The ride to the coast was a little rough for Ben. He got car sick three times. Yuck!! But on the way home all he did was sleep. It was a great day. Hope we can do it again soon.


Karen said...

Your beach photos are great! It looks like you guys had a great time. Ben too.
Bear loves to go to the beach. I don't know why we don't take him more often. I guess we're always so busy training for triathlons.
Well have a great day.

Randy said...

Great photos deb. I was just telling Karen the other day when we were taking the photos I have posted on my blog that our ocean looked exactly like the Oregon coast the way the waves were breaking. Only our water is a a tad bit warmer ...