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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Hello everyone. Just checking in to see how the New year is going so far.
Some of My news Years Resolutions are:
: Win the Lottery!!! ( Any Lottery will do)
: Have fun every Day
: Be a Better Wife
: Be a Better HR Manager
: Walk Ben Every Day
: Love each day like it is a Saturday!!!
: Try to get my MY Space page set up
: Write something on my Blog, Face book and My Space more
: Do My Pilate's again. Lose weight
: Be a better friend
: have better New Years Resolutions

Anyway, I hope every ones New Year is off to a great start.


Karen said...

Well your first resolution came true. I entered you in a lottery and you won! Your prize is a lifetime of love from your family!!!
You made a lot more resolutions than I did. I think if I make too many, It's too hard to make them all happen, so I only made two. Hopefully I'll stick to them.
I hope all is going great for you.
Love Karen

Marilyn and Robert said...

I think you didn't need to make resolutions you are all those things and more... maybe a better job would be right for you I think they take advantage of you and I would bet better pay and hrs are out there for you. Have a good day call me and love you

Rebecca said...

hi aunt Debbie I got new pictures of my new chair
love rebecca