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Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day Weekend. I hope everyone has had a good one. I had Saturday and Sunday off from both of my Jobs and Monday off from one of them. I am getting ready for work now. It is only a three hour shift so it should go quick. Kim and I went to the races last night and a movie yesterday afternoon. The movie was kinda slow. It was a Jennifer Aniston movie called Management.The Races were also kinda slow and not that good. But, we had fun. The weather is great, Sunny Sunny Sunny. We always wish we had just one more day when we have the weekend off, and now that we do have one more day, guess what?, I want one more day still. Oh well, We had a good weekend and lots of good food, mostly popcorn I think. Hope everyone also had a fun and safe weekend.

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Karen said...

I'm glad you got the weekend off, an almost three day weekend. I agree, it's hard to go back to work after long weekends. Actually, after any weekend, but the longer you have off, the harder it is to go back.
I had my biopsy yesterday but don't know the results yet. It was more painful than I thought it would be. You have the prettiest flowers. It's hard to grow flowers on our tiny piece of property, so thanks for sharing yours.