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Sunday, May 31, 2009


This is our patio. It was a project that we did this afternoon. A friend of mine, Lori, showed me pictures of her patio and I was very impressed with what she had done. I paint our patio every summer and I have always wanted to do something different. I would love to put in stone tile, but it would cost a lot. The way this is painted kinda looks like tile.

Kim taped off the squares for me and I painted. It took us a few hours and I think it looks pretty good. I also posted a couple pics of the before and during process.


Marilyn and Robert said...

awesome awesome your patio is so cool and captain phil that is also cool. I miss you guys so much. Cant you just move here there is kmarts and truck jobs here.

Karen said...

Wow! Your patio looks really good.
How have you been? It seems like we don't hear from you too much anymore. I guess working two jobs plus trying to run the trucking business takes up all your time.
I wish I could say to move here, like Marilyn says to move to Florida, but although we have Kmart here, we don't have many trucking jobs.