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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


On Friday I had to be taken to the emergency for x-rays on my left foot. I did such a stupid thing. I am tossing a box of freight upon a pallet and when I step back, I stepped into the slat of an empty wood pallet. Then I started to stumble and tried to correct it by stepping with my right foot, yet into another slat.

Next thing I do is fall on my tush. Both feet are still stuck in the pallet and I have lost both shoes. It takes me about 30 seconds before I can be sure my ankles are not broken. When I realize they are not, I get up, dust my self off, put my shoes back on and try to walk off the burning cracky feeling my ankles have. Luckily there is no one else there to have wittnessed such a graceful move. It was about 6:00 AM.

When the door bell rings a few minutes later , I kinda hobble up front to let the person in and by the time I get there I can no longer put any pressure on My Left Foot. OUCH. The Janiter sees me hopping around and gets the wheel chair and I go back to my office to wait for some one else to come in so I can go get My Left Foot looked at.

When I do get to the emergency room, they take pictures and decide there are no breaks and most likely just twisted, pulled, bruised, and strained. HUH? I could have guessed that. Except for the X-Ray tech, I think the DR and Nurse I saw might be paid too much. Today is Wednesday and I am still limping. My ankle is swollen and purpleish.

Or yeah I hurt my Left thumb again, the same one I keep hurting. DORK DORK DORK.


Marilyn and Robert said...

you need to come on facebook and get farm town dand it i miss you

Marilyn and Robert said...

we are getting a phone hooked up wed but you can call me at work tomrrow 727-541-2894

Karen said...

Wow! I'm way behind on reading posts. I didn't think anyone was posting anything (except Randy, and I read his on facebook), so I never bother to check anymore. Sorry. I'll check more often.
Sorry about your ankle. I hope it's better now.
We are not allowed to have empty pallets on our floor at work. When one is unloaded, we have to immediately take it outside. They are pretty strict about it. It's a pain, but I guess for safety reasons, after reading your post, I won't moan and groan as much when I have to take one out.