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Friday, October 16, 2009


My Brother
Randy, Just competed in the 140 mile Ford Iron man Triathlon that was held in Hawaii on Saturday. There were 1800 athletes from all the world and he was one of them. He has been training very hard for many months and all of his hard work has definitely paid off.

Randy has always loved running. In high school he was a star athlete in Cross Country. He was never a strong swimmer and has taught him self with help from his good friends in Hawaii. Randy is also an ace photographer and writer. He works for the daily newspaper in Hawaii . Most of his photos could win prizes. His stories could be published.

He has a great family. Five children and a life long best friend, his wife, Karen.

I am so proud of the strength he has found to pursue a life long dream and compete in a world wide famous Ironman. I am also really happy we have social medias like blogs , face book and my space to communicate with each other. Until they arrived on the scene we would occasionally speak on the phone. My life get so busy , I am ashamed to say I am out of touch with my family. But with the help of the Internet, I now get to be updated almost daily with my brother Randy's family in Hawaii, my sister Marilyn's family in Florida , my sister Denise's at the Oregon coast. Now if My youngest Brother Tim would get up to speed, we would almost be able to have Christmas together again, kind of a Virtual Christmas.
Here's to many many many more triathlons and the spirit and dedication it takes to get there.
Way to go Randy!!!

1 comment:

Randy said...

thanks Debbie. This is great of you to post this. Thanks for all your support and encouragement.
Love you