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Monday, October 12, 2009


Last Thursday I had an MRI done on my left ankle. I stepped on an empty pallet on July 17th and hurt both ankles. I have been hobbling around since then waiting for my left ankle to finally heal.

A couple weeks ago I decided I have had enough limping and went back to the doctors. This time I went to my own doctor instead of emergency room. He re xrayed and thought he may have found a fractured bone. So he had the radiologist look at the film and he actually disagreed with my doctor. So in an effort to prove the other guy wrong, my doctor ordered up an MRI. He gave me a walking cast, or boot, and it has helped my foot so much, I may ask for the matching pair when this is all over and wear them when I dress up. :)

Today I went back to my doctor (the fourth trip) and He was telling me what the MRI had revealed. Apparently I am the proud owner of one fractured bone (nearly healed), one broken bone (in alignment with it self but hasn't yet touched where it is separated) and, his words, a bunch of bad stuff happening in there. He says the bones may heal correctly with the boot, It is probably too late to cast it at this point. However, the ligaments and tendons are going to be my biggest problem. They may also heal, but again they may require surgery. Only time will tell. I will wear my cute boot for three more weeks and see what happens then.

Just a foot note to the Emergency room doctors who first looked at my ankle nearly three months ago.

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