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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So, At work Friday I learned how to save a life. YIKES! Right, who in the world would possibly want me to be working on their heart. We were taught how to use a defibrillator. It turns out it is a lot easier to use than it is to say it or spell it. The trick, while crazily uncomplicated is to first , make sure the person you are about to use it on, really really really needs it.

We learned that just because a person appears to be unconscious, they may simply be taking it easy, or sleeping or tanning. So you must first shake them and tap them on their shoulders to see if they will arouse. If not, (NO it's not time to shock em just yet), You must listen and feel for their breath for at least 5 seconds or maybe even 10 seconds.
Then, you can give them one of your breaths. And if you happen to have a mouth guard on you or filter paper to protect you from their germs, well that's even better. Then, ( Still, NO, it is not time to zing-a-ling ), but it is time to begin compressions. Yep, thirty hard pushes on the old ticker and two quick breaths. Then thirty compressions, two breaths, thirty compressions, two breaths, thirty compressions, two breathes, and finally thirty compressions and two breaths. Five sets.
Now, if while you were doing all of these heart thumping rhythms you were wondering maybe just how fast you should be pumping blood thru your victims body, don't worry, Simply hum "Staying Alive " and keep that beat going. It has the perfect "beat" to get their juices flowing. An adult actually has enough air and blood coursing through their body from time of collapse to survive for 4 minutes. So while you are aerobic-sizing, if someone is near by, take a second to send them to call 911 and get the defibrillator (A E D).
Then continue compressions. I know , I know, its really hard, you just cannot believe how much this takes out of you. But there is so much adrenaline in you, you will hardly notice that your legs and back are numb and your chest aches like mad.
Once they arrive with the weapon of choice, you quickly open the case, get out all the parts, Turn the thing on (big green button) stick the pads to their body where indicated by cartoon drawings, and listen for further instructions. The Defib will actually monitor their system and tell you if it is detecting any heart rhythms and whether or not you get to shock them.
Sooo, if there is nothing going on in there, the defib tells you to "STAY CLEAR" while it is charging up and "STAY CLEAR", final warning!!(and long after panic is no longer the option and you are absolutely exhausted from compression after compression and the defib is charged and waiting), you finally get to Hit the BIG RED BUTTON and "ROCK THEIR WORLD".
Thank God if it works and hope you never ever have to do that again. This training is so great anyone and everyone should have it. You can save a life.

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