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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Today is my day off from work and finally I have found the "final Stroke". I have been painting the walls of our house for several weeks. I painted our bedroom, hallway, and living room. This includes nine doors (both sides), door jams and yards of base boards. I of course had plenty of assistance from Ben. He can be such a big help. There were times when he had more paint on him than I did. I was calling him "Carmel Dog" for a while because his coat was starting to match the walls. Luckily, the paint wipes off really easy from his fur. I love a new coat of paint. It feels so clean and shiny. I don't love the clean up. But all of that is now done and me and Ben are going to go to some serious zoning in front of the TV. And we won't forget the snacks either. Come on Ben, lets go.

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Marilyn and Robert said...

your home is so beautiful I miss it more than you know but most of all I miss you scarecrow oh yea wrong movie.... but for real i truly miss you boo hoo now im gonna cry sorry anyway love you