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Friday, August 22, 2008

.......and they call it Puppy Love !!

This is Ben at 5 weeks. Finally, his head is not bigger than his body!!! He is so cute. We are very excited to go get him. Counting today, there are 18 days till Ben. Time to go buy puppy snacks. Lots and Lots of puppy snacks. He gets his first bath this Sunday, I really hope he enjoys it, All Three of our former collies would totally tolerate them , but didn't really look forward to them. I cannot wait to hug him. Here Ben, Here Boy , Come here Ben, Sit Ben ,Stay Ben, GOOD BOY BEN !!! Hurry up Ben!!!

1 comment:

Karen said...

He's cuter everytime I see him. Can't wait for you to bring him home.
Happy anniversary. Did you do anything fun for it or was Kim on the road?
Have a great day,
Love Karen