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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Growing Pains

This is Ben at 6 Weeks old. He had his very first Vet visit Yesterday. While he is still the biggest Pup, apparently he is also the biggest baby. He cried the loudest when he was having his chip inserted. Poor Baby!!!! I heard the needle was very large. Sorry Ben. Hopefully, if you are ever lost, the chip will have been worth it. Twelve Days to Ben !!!

Then I will have to Pet Him

Brush Him

Feed Him

Walk Him

Play with Him

Love Him!!!!!!!


Randy said...

They grow so fast don't they? Happy Birthday almost. Did marilyn and Robert make it out there yet?

Randy said...

Never mind. I guess I missed your last post. Thanks for posting pictures of the family.

Rebecca said...

happy birthday almost
mom dad and I leaving on next Tuessay
I hadn't heard from you.
We will pic of the zoo I'm saving my money to go to the zoo in SD

Karen said...

Awww! He's getting even cuter. Looking more like a Collie. It's funny how fast they grow.
How's the pilates going? I'm really slacking on my workouts. I've still been doing them, but not every single day. Oh well, maybe after Daniel graduates I'll get back into it. I spend all my spare time on the parents forum for the recruits parents.
Well have a super great day, :-)

Rebecca said...

happy birthday Aunt Debbie
what are you doing on your birthday?
dad told me that your birthday
love you

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Debbie!!! I hope you're having a great day. Not too much longer until you bring Ben home. I guess a late birthday present?
Well have a good birthday.
Love Karen

Randy said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day.
Love Randy

Rebecca said...

you said that you put new pic on your blog about Ben your new cute dog Ben