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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Ben knows his No's
He knows your Toe's
He puts his Nose
every where he goes

He's growing fast
and He's having a blast
He eats alot
He sometimes gets caught
doing things that he should not.

He loves to run
It's a lot of fun
and when he's done
He plays with tons
and tons of toys
He's such a good Boy
My new Pride and Joy

He goes for walks in the neighbor hood
He's always told he's really good

He learns new tricks
He plays with sticks
He likes to lick
Your face,Your hands a plastic pail
anything thats near his face
And if nothing is near, He'll chase his tail
Darn thing keeps him going and going

He likes to get hugs
He messes up rugs
He stares at bugs
and loves to play tug

He is part of our family
Our house is his Home
He lets me brush him with his comb
He is so adorable , To me it occurs

Puppies are just Kids with fur


Randy said...

That's a lot of nefty rhyme
in such a short amount of time

You definitely know your rhyming prose
Just ask Ben, he probably knows.

With his nose he smells your capacious talent
to him, you are his shining knight so gallant

But lessons learned, he does not care to
School is hard, but what's a pup to dare do?

Ben, I'm sure, would rather be chasing rainbows
or watching Raider football with his game bros

Well, time to go it is for me
Home is calling, it's work I flee

Eleven o'clock the time piece does show
no more rhyming, it's time to ..... leave.

Karen said...

You guys are funny.
I can't believe how fast Ben's growing. I'm so glad you're having such a good time with him. Keep us posted on his progress.