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Monday, December 8, 2008


I Just read Rebecca's Latest Post to her blog. She has moved on to bigger and better places. I have not tried "My Space" or "Face Book" yet. I never ever thought that I would have so much fun with blogging. It has been really good to keep in touch with friends and family. A great way to share "Whats UP" with everyone. SO, Rebecca I know you are out there. I will try to find you. I love reading about the things you do so I Have to find you. Keep watching for me OK. I will be seeing you soon too. I hope,.


Karen said...

Sorry you're missing Rebecca. She has an easier time on myspace and we don't have to help her with that one. Usually when she posts on her blog she makes us do most of the work.
You really need to get on myspace or facebook. Randy uses his facebook everyday and I guess I do too. I'm not sure which one Rebecca uses most but probably myspace.
I'm on facebook a lot playing scramble with my little sister but I like chatting with my friends on myspace.
Soooo.... to sum things up, you need facebook AND myspace!

Randy said...

Rebecca probably still checks her blog. We'll probably be doing more after christmas too.