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Sunday, December 14, 2008


It's kinda hard to tell, but it looks a a bit like a blizzard out side right now. this is a photo out my front door.


Marilyn and Robert said...

kinda miss that look sometimes nice picture though. Yes I tried to call you and thankyou for the package yummmm big hunks. And Riley is chewing everything thanks for all the chewies. One pair of flip flops And one of my elephants ears that Robert just got me. I'm home sick and can't return to work until maybe thursday broncitis and sinus infection sick sick sick yuk better get better soon. Kids are in Nevada now they had a slow going because of all the snow but I think the road will be clear for them now. thanks again Deb love ya

Karen said...

I'm jealous. Just a little bit though. I wouldn't have gotten to swim yesterday or gone for a bike ride in that kind of weather.
I do miss the snow though. Kinda. When I really think about it I really kinda like the warm weather.

Randy said...

Makes me miss the snow. But we do get snow on one of our volcanoes. So we just have to drive a few miles north to see it.