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Friday, July 3, 2009

SMORES (revisited)


I loved smores when I was a kid. Who didn't huh? I can remember the very first time I ever created one and ate it. The chocolate was melting all over and the marshmallow oozing everywhere. The grham crackers slightly chewy. It was the most delicious thing ever. EVER. I was sitting around the camp fire looking up at the stars when I noticed that some of my gooey treat had dripped in my long hair. Oh well, no matter. Still delicious.

So not to long ago I decided to try making Smores in the microwave. The marshmallow puffed, the chocolate melted and everything looked ready. It was perfect. But somehow my memory failed me. They didn't taste delicious anymore. It didn't melt in my mouth and taste like heaven.
Instead, I burnt my tongue and the whole thing was like eating sugar, only messy.

My walk down memory lane was a little disappointing . I realized what went wrong.
I was not 12 years old, my friends were not here , I had no camp fire or stars to look at.

Now I know that some memories are best left in your mind. In that secret little place where your imagination colors them, polishes them, and makes them a warm wonderful thought that you remember from time to time and when you do they put a smile on your face.

I still love Smores, or at least the thought of Smores.

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Marilyn and Robert said...

there was one ingrediant missing dont forget soot mmmm now you remember huh???? lol all the good times we had at foster lake campin. fun times. not a care in the world where did those times go???? I miss you sooooo much and those times were so fun even the dirt lol happy 4th deb ilove you