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Friday, July 10, 2009


This is Ben. He loves to help. I was pulling weeds and when I turned around to pick up the rake Ben was already doing my job for me. He actually had a small pile of pine cones gathered, not sure if he really meant to but he did a great job.

This is Ben helping with the cleaning and filling of his pool. He ,loves the
water. He will chase it , run thru it, bite it, sit in it, jump in it, as long as he is getting wet, he is one happy puppy.

Then we moved onto cleaning up the summer furniture. He was a big help here too!!. As you can see , he thinks he can do a better job than me so he gets right in there and does all work.

I believe I missed a spot here. But thankfully Ben was ready to make sure everthing was perfect.
Finally, all the work was done and Ben could get a little rest

Or could he.....................
I think he found something else to pick up. Now where did He put that Rake.?


Marilyn and Robert said...

ben is beautiful he really reminds me of bear. hes soooo big he looks like a really good helper too. riley on the other hand is a holy terror got puppyitis bad. love you deb i actually posted a new blod surprise surprise.

Karen said...

This is a great post. Ben is so pretty. He looks so cute raking leaves.