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Thursday, January 7, 2010


AHHHH!!!!! THE COMFORTS OF HOME. I wanted to catch up on the rapidly growing Ben in his adopted chair. I asked him to "Hop Up" in his chair so I could take an on going photo, and as soon as his big butt hit the chair he decided to nap. So here is Ben ( extremely relaxed) at One Year and six months old. He is so fabulous. We have a small situation. He hates to have his nails clipped so I am trying to convince him how much fun it is and so far I have talked him in to letting me clip five nails. I figure if I can clip one a day in about two weeks I should have them all clipped. Right? Four nails x Four paws = sixteen days - five already done + a couple days that he will absolutely NOT let me touch his toes........... well, you do the math. But sooner or later we should have them all clipped. For now sleeping beauty must get his rest. Soon we should be able to start taking walks again. My foot is almost back to normal after breaking it in July and twisting my ankle a few weeks ago on the ice, we are both ready to get out there and cruise the neighbor hood. FUN FUN FUN.

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Randy said...

Hey Deb, Hope you are having a good winter. Ben's looking big. We don't trim Bear's nails. He hates for anyone to touch his paws so he just trims them himself. Really.
Take care