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Sunday, November 9, 2008


Here are some photos of our Four Collies . We had "Bear" from 1979 to 1991. He was every ones friend. Really funny personality and very smart.The first two photos are pictures of Bear. The second one is with Forest ,Marilyn's son. Bears registered name was Terrabella Cheyenne. We began calling him Terry, but he some how got us to call him Bear by the time he was about 6 months old. He weighed 105lbs at his full adult weight.

The next two photos are pictures of "Alex". We had him from 1991 to 1999. He was a rescued dog. He was about One and half when we got him and he weighed only 37 lbs. His top weight while we had him was 115lbs. His original name was Samson, but he flinched every time you used it so we called him Alex. His registered name was Alex Ray Vaughn. (after Stevie Ray Vaughn). Alex was a beautiful dog. He had the prettiest coat of all. He was King of our House. He demanded much and gave more. He loved to head butt. We wish we could of had him from his beginning.

Then there was Jake. My baby. My little "Pumpkin Butt" I miss him alot. We had him from 1999 to 2008. He weighed the most at 123lbs. He was so sweet. His registered name was King Jacob Vaughn Raider, a little of everything we love. He loved to give hugs and kisses. Jake was easy to train and was pretty smart. He slept upside down and barked non stop. He hated people food (except meat) and loved to play with stuffed toys. Jake has left really big paws to fill!! The next two photos are of Jake.

And now ,there is "Ben" He is turning 4 months old on the 14th of November. The first photo of him was taken a few days after we got him. 9/11/08. The second photo was taken a couple days ago. He is growing so fast. He learns more and more every single day. He got to go shopping at Kmart On Sunday. He absolutely loves people. I cannot say enough about the breeder ( Kathy Cupps ) She did an amazing job during her puppies first 9 weeks. They were socialized and loved alot. It has made a great impression on Ben and he is a great puppy because of it. I know this to be true because Jake was treated the exact opposite, he was kept in a crate and was being saved to "bond" with his new owners. Unfortunetly we were the only ones he really did bond with , ever. But Ben is such a Happy Puppy. He learns really fast and loves to play. He is curious about every single little thing that is touchable with his furry little nose. He has brought us Happiness. We love him.

Bens Registered name is "Benjamin Ukahli" and he weighs 41lbs. We are so pleased with him and very delighted to have him be part of our Family.


Karen said...

All of your dogs were/are so pretty. I'm glad Ben has been socialized. Keep taking him out in public just to keep him socialized. We tried to socialize Bear, our Chow, but he has never liked anyone other than our family. He did accept Camilla, our foreign exchange student that we had before we moved here, but he was never comfortable around her.
Anyway, have fun with Ben and keep in touch.
Love Karen

Randy said...

Actually, don't socialize Ben. Karen didn't tell you this but because Bear doesn't like anyone it really saves us lots of money on dog food. We just invite people over who we don't like and Bear eats them. He can usually make a week of meals out of one person. Oh, just don't ask Karen why Camilla disappeared the same time we "had" to moved here ...

Rebecca said...

sorry I not write you back. you almost have all same dogs. I don't have new picture let