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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Christmas comes this time each year. It is so amazing how many shoppers are surprised by it's arrival. Working in retail you learn to see the seasons quite a bit differently than the normal "people". For example, In January, I begin thinking of summer furniture and swim suits . The "people" are still thinking Winter coats, sweaters and snow toys. In June , It's all about back to school , kids are just beginning to think about summer vacation. In August we put out Halloween, and Thanks Giving follows quickly in September . Then, Just like Clock work, we look like Santa's Work Shop. Usually Halloween,Thanksgiving and Christmas are all present at the same time.
" AGAIN, ALREADY, ARE YOU KIDDING ME, THIS IS CRAZY, we just bought school supplies" !!! People exclaim.

"I just don't understand why stores have to put this out earlier and earlier each year", People

"I simply refuse to look at any of your displays until after Thanksgiving" People promise.

" I can't believe anyone will actually buy this stuff so soon" People say.

" I remember when Christmas used to mean something special, and not just stores making money" People remark

" Right , I understand totally" You say.

Whats' That, You would like three 6' Pine Christmas Trees and two lighted Penguins if we have them. OK, I'll go check, be right back!



Karen said...

That's so funny and I know exactly what you are talking about. We set Christmas late this year. Actually are still in the middle of setting it but we didn't start until a few days before Halloween.
Anyway, you wouldn't believe all the people that were upset because we didn't have lights, or trees, or ornaments yet. And now that we're putting it all out we have the people that say "Christmas already? We just finished with Halloween!"
We just can't win, can we.

Karen said...

P.S. Did you ever start a myspace page? I think I like facebook better.

Rebecca said...

hi Aunt Deb,
I have a many of puzzle in my room. My puzzle were so hard to do and it take me along time to do it what you do for thanksgiving? we not sure Rachael and her boyfriend Josh will fly down to visit us for thanksgiving.

Rebecca said...

you have a another page that I wrote on your dog one. My dad found one of the pieces when moves stuff around. I have a lots of puzzles are on my wall.d I still working on or puzzles but is was vary vary hard.