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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


With Thanksgiving so close, I have started to consider some things that I am most thankful for. TODAY, I am Thankful, Grateful and Lucky to have a Job that I Love. I am the Human Resource Manager at Kmart.
I have worked for Kmart for nearly 30 years. I have been in just about every position they offer at store level. Currently, I am doing my most favorite one.
In my job I get to interview, help select and hire the associates that fill our store. I take them thru Orientation and when I can, training on the sales floor if and when needed. I get to council, correct, appraise, and compliment them daily.
Most importantly I get to know them personally. Nearly every single associate will come to me with their daily concerns and we always end up on a personal note about their lives. I like this part a lot. It makes them an individual, Human, an actual person and always a friend. I am lucky.
The management team at my store is Exceptional!! We have all worked together in a couple of different Kmart's over the last twenty five years. Take Five managers that all Love their Jobs, add 80-100 associates in a store that is successful in sales , stir and you have a delicious place to work. I am Very Thankful for My Job!!


Marilyn and Robert said...

You couldn't have a more perfect position for you. You are the best Deb always there when someone needs you. You always have the right words the right smile the right hug just when we need them. Thankyou!!! and you are the HR in our family. I am thankful for our parents that raised very loving and caring children US the Wighthouse clan. We are the best!!!!

Marilyn and Robert said...

Geez forgot my R Wrighthouse clan sry