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Monday, November 24, 2008


Family. People who have Families that they love are the luckiest People in the world. Next to Your Health It is the best thing in your life. I have two Sisters and Two Brothers.

My oldest Sister (2.4 yrs older) Marilyn lives in Florida with her new Husband Robert. They are very Happy. Marilyn's son Forrest , and his Wife Stacey and their two children Andrew and new baby Faith will be moving to Florida next month. I hope they will all be Happy and enjoy their new lives together. Marilyn is sooo excited to have her kids back with her.

My oldest brother (1.8 yrs younger), Randy lives in Hawaii with his Family. They are very Happy. His wife Karen has always fit right in with our Family. Everyone Loves her. They Have five super children. First is Beautiful Rebecca, She has long, long pretty blond hair, Then there is Arron, He is so sweet. He is working in Hawaii. Then Jonathan, Jonathan is attending college in Salem Or. I am very Proud of him. Next is Rachel, She is also Very Beautiful. The last time I saw Rachel she had the cutest personality and gorgeous curly hair. Finally , Daniel. He is A Marine. Our Family is so Proud of him. They are a very strong Family.

My next brother is Tim. He lives In Albany Or and has four children. Michael, Michelle, Misty and Greg. Tim Manages a Chevron Station and currently his son Greg lives with him. Misty has a beautiful baby girl named Carmen. Tim loves his Kids and likes to spend time with them. He likes to watch Nascar and is a big Dale Jr fan. Tim has had a rough time. He has been on his own since he was 16 years old. Considering all that he has had to struggle with , I am proud of him.+ He has made a few mistakes (who hasn't)and he is now at a more comfortable place in his life.

Denise is our baby Sister. She lives in Newport Or. She has four children. Chelsea, Chris, Tressa and Andrew. Chelsea was Married to Nathan this summer. They have the cutest little boy, Donavan. Chris and Tressa live with their Grandma and Grandpa in Sweet Home and are in School. Andrew is a little clown and very smart and lives with Denise. Denise works for Walmart in Newport and is the Night shift Manager. She has worked her way up thru the Walmart Ranks and I am also very proud of her.

I love my Family. I pray for them every Day that they will enjoy their lives and make the most of their time together. That they are protected and guided down the right path, open only the right doors and are Healthy and Happy. I am really Thankful that I am part of this Family.

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