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Thursday, July 17, 2008


I love TV. Watch tons of it. Some of my favorites are all the silly reality shows. Shows Like Survivor, So you think you can Dance, Big Brother, and Dancing with the Stars are great. It makes me happy to watch them. America's got Talent and Last Comic Standing are in my watchable group as well. I just cannot seem to get enough. I think I get quite depressed when they end each season. But lucky for me, there is always a new one just about to start. So I get hooked really easy on these mind numbing shows.

Last night when I got home from work , It was really hot in my house. I decided for a change that I would do my pilates ( which I do three or four , sometimes even five times a week ) outside. It is a little after midnight by the time I changed into my workout clothes and there is a wonderful breeze. At first it seems a little awkward to be outside, but I actually think I like it.
Most of the time I was laying on my back looking up at the gorgeous stars. Wow, there were so many and they were really bright. I may have to do this a little more often. It seems to shift my focus from how hard pilates are ,to thousands of other thoughts running thru my mind.

When I finish , It occurs to me , Hey I too was Dancing with the stars. I smile!!


Karen said...

We watch a couple of reality shows. Randy and I both watch American Idol, and I watch So you think you can dance. I would probably watch more if I had time.

There is nothing as refreshing as working out outside. I love my early morning runs. It would be fun to go out at midnight to exercise but I don't like the bugs that come out after dark here.

Rebecca said...

Hi Aunt Debbie,
I'm glad you had fun dance with the stars.
Do you watch game shows? I watch Family Feud, Who wants to be a millionaire and wheel of fortune. My mom wants to win $250,000 dollars.
I like animal cops huston too.
Love Rebecca