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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Summertime!!! Love, Love, Love, summer. It is a good time to live in the Great Pacific Northwest. Beautiful days and gorgeous nights. The sounds of summer are my favorite. Kids playing, dogs barking, mowers mowing, the smell of grass, joggers pounding the pavement , bikes whirling by, and birds singing.!! Then there is Family Reunions. This is a perfect time to catch up on what everyone has been doing .

My sister and Her New husband, Robert, are flying out from Florida in a couple weeks. They will be visiting Forest and Stacey for a few days and then they will be staying at my house for the remainder of their visit. I am planning to get family together for a Bar-B-Que.

All of this sounds great. Lots of food , laughter , and fun. Yippee!! My brother Randy and his family live in beautiful Hawaii and I would also like to invite them as well. Quite a ways to travel for one dinner, but who knows , I will throw a shrimp on the Barbee for them, just in case .

Here's to summer.!


Karen said...

Summer is my favorite time of the year too. That's one of the things I love about Hawaii. It's ALWAYS summer here.

I sure wish we could go to your reunion and BBQ. Enjoy the shimp you throw on for us. If we didn't have Daniel's graduation....

I don't have much vacation time coming and am using it all to go to San Diego.

Please tell everyone Aloha from the Randy Wrighthouse family.

Love Karen

Rebecca said...

hi aunt Deb
I alway write to Daniel almost all everyday dad & mom and I'll do to San Diego go to the zoo and wacth Daniel's gradution

love Rebecca

Rebecca said...

hi aunt Deb
my dad put pic of boat paddling

Randy said...

Since summers here are so humid I prefer winter which is like perpetual springtime here. It's the perfect weather. Not too hot and never cold. Perfect for riding or running or swimming.

Sorry we can't make it to the reunion. YOo guys could just drive on out here though ... It may get a little wet on the way.