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Monday, July 21, 2008


Fuel . OUCH. The price of fuel is about to win the constant battle we are having with It. For a Truck Driver, this is devastating. Our truck , a 1999 Peterbilt gets around 5 miles to the gallon. Not a lot ,when , in California the price of diesel is $5.05 a gallon. That means it costs over a $1.00 a mile to haul the loads that we get. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! We have resources here ,RIGHT HERE, In our own Country. We could supply ourselves, we do not have to get it from other Countries. We can control the price we have to pay.

We know many Drivers who have had to walk away from this business due to the rising costs of operating their trucks. The way fuel continues to soar we will likely be joining them soon. It is a struggle to meet all the standards each state sets for trucks to enter and drive thru them. All the licenses (IFTA, HVT, MONTHLY MILEAGE,) registrations, insurance, permits, not to mention maintenance, tires, parking, and Heaven help you if you have a Truck Payment.

We all need to remember "IF YOU GOT IT , A TRUCK BROUGHT IT" . Seriously think about that. Everything you own, reached you, on one or more of its legs of travel by truck. Everything!! It does not seem like there is anything that an individual can do about the rising costs of fuel. Driver's talk a lot about striking for just one day. They say that's all it would take. If every truck in a America would NOT buy fuel for One day the results would be catastrophic. The problem with this is organization. There is always a lot of chatter about it, but it does not reach everyone. It needs to be someone that can reach every Driver to really get the word out there. So, I just had to vent a little ( I just paid a very high fuel bill). We love our truck. It is a good truck and a nice way to make a living. Maybe not for long though. We will "Keep on Truckin" until we are forced to stop. The price of everything will continue to go up. I promise to vote for any candidate that can help end the war and lower prices of fuel. Are you out there. I hope you are.

This is the price we pay!!!!

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Karen said...

I just realized you had a post I hadn't read.
It's too bad about the high gas prices. We try not to drive our Bronco very much now days. We ride our mopeds everywhere unless we have Rebecca with us. It's costing us almost double from what we used to pay to fill up. I think that EVERYONE, not just trucks should take one day and not drive. I know that a lot of people have to drive to get to work but something needs to happen.