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Wednesday, July 2, 2008


WOW the 4TH of July !!!! I am very proud of my Country and especially the men and women that have chose to serve in our Military, I feel lucky to be an American. Freedom, total Freedom. I Love this beautiful land. My Husband and I have been across and around the United States twice. What an adventure. What memories. So wonderful to see. With so much Beauty in every State it's hard to pick a favorite place or thing. We of course went to all the famous you've heard about them your whole life places, and they definitely knocked our socks off. But Jeez, no one ever tells you about the little towns, the quiet rivers, the peaceful breezes that kick up in places like Tennessee. I 've posted a few favorites. Happy 4TH of July Americans!!!


Karen said...

Wow! What great photos. I would love to travel across the US to see all the beautiful places. You should post more pictures.
Have a good day.
Love, Karen

Randy said...

Wow is right. You put me to shame with your photos Deb. They are great. They should be postcards. HOpe you have a great 4th.

Karen said...

Happy Fourth of July Debbie. Hope you gave a great day.

Rebecca said...

happy last fourth of july
My dad & mom and I watch parade at 5:30 and firework at 8:30 it a short firework. we go down where my dad work to watch parade and we walk near pool and scooter feald to watch firework I saw your cool ficture of the brigde and travel across it pretty cool picture.
Love Rebecca