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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Team Wrighthouse, Wow!! You guys are such an inspiration, so encouraging, and very supportive. You are what many Family's try to be. If I had not started to read your blogs , I am very sure I would not have started working out again so soon . And I definitely would never have opened a blog of my own. You all have such will power and energy and attitude. BIG ATTITUDE !! I have learned that you need to stay focused, positive, and hungry for the win. I know its hard, and sometimes a lot of fun. But it's always worth it. You gain self confidence, a new zest for life, and control over your own mind and body. Sometimes you may have "Big But's", sore limbs and body parts, You may even have to swim in "puke", but hey in the words of Simon. Randy and Paula, "YO YO DOG, YOU ARE THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL".! You are mine anyway.


Rebecca said...

yes I was Smarter in Wavely and Griffin Creek Elementary school. I take spelling, & math & reading and Scince for the Science fair. in Scenic Middle and Crater high school I'm good at math & reading and spelling also we moved to Salem I when to Oregon school for deaf I'm good in school

Karen said...

What a picture!!! Gee that was so long ago. Your post is so funny. I'm glad you are working out again. I think it's so good for our bodies to work out at our age. I wish I would have been doing it all these years.

Randy said...

Who's that guy with Karen and Rebecca??? He looks like such a dork. I love Rebecca's comment. lol

Karen said...

We decided to fly into San Diego instead of Portland. We don't have that much time off work and didn't want to spend it on the road. We'll probably take Rebecca to the San Diego Zoo and Sea World. I wish we could have seen you while we were there. Tim called Randy and tried to talk him into going to Oregon next month when Marilyn is there but we can't get any more time off right now. It was hard for me to get the time off approved for Daniel's graduation.
How's the Pilates going? Are you still doing them?
Well, talk to you later,